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March 2018
Carlyn Lindsay showed us the basics of laminated work techniques and then produced a very elegant lidded box with a complementary finial. She explained that to make this sort of decoration really work there has to be great care with measurements . The end result was beautiful box. Thank you Carlyn for showing us something very different.

April 2018
Mark Baker as usual showed us something we had never seen before. He first turned a little pot and then proceeded to make four different lids asking us all which ones we liked best as he progressed. As he made each lid he gave us some ideas about who and when each shape would have been created, going back hundreds of years. Hi knowledge about classic shapes is very impressive.

He followed his demonstration by giving a critique on members exhibits which were all finished black. This showed off the shape rather than the wood, giving Mark another opportunity to comment on shape.

May 2018

Graham Slaughter Stepped in to help us this evening and what a great evening we had. His ideas and examples of decorative work on turned objects were superb. Even if you were not an lover of colouring wood, by leaving the inside of a bowl plain wood he made his decoration even more  impressive. He started by splodging the outside with a thick white paste and after it set he then did a second splodge. After this fully dried he then gave two coats of a colour, in this case yellow. Once dry he then sanded the surface which enhanced the splodges showing white patterns on a yellow background. How did he manage this in an evening demonstration? Simple! he had each stage previously completed so he then moved from one stage to the next without a wait. This was a great demonstration of a very interesting technique. Thank you Graham.

June 2018

Gary Rance always gives us a great evening. This year he showed us how to make a spinning top, which was more complicated than you might expect plus a superb apple. In doing so he was also gave lots of basic hints and tips which will have helped the less experienced of our members, but not only that he also showed us a number of ways of doing things which I am sure would have been of interest to all of us. Thank you Gary.

July 2018

Paul Howard gave us an evening of off centre with a lidded box. This enable him to show us his homemade off centre jig which we could all make. If we were not sure about making this with the precision required then he had a set of parts for us to put together. He also showed us a superb off centre jig made for professionals, it looked great until we heard the price!!!!!! As usual with Paul we got lots of hints and tips and the final item looked very unusual.

August 2018

We had a great evening with Les Thorne who showed us some interesting ideas and also entertained us with a number of amusing stories. He made a lidded box and then showed us how easy it is??? to decorate using a small rotating saw followed by a subtle use of colours. Thank you Les.

September 2018

As usual Andy Coates showed us something different. He started making a basic bowl and gave some very good tips about how to create the ideal curves by using gentle pressure and letting the tool guide the cut. He then followed by taking a square of strips of different woods glued together and made from this a square dish. This was done very carefully with light cuts to make sure that the delicate tips of the square did not break as the sides were very thin. This took a lot of skill and was completed up to the point of final finishing. A super evening Andy.

October 2018

Darren Breeze gave us a very interesting demonstrating various types of decoration. He used a various decoration tools and pointed out that a certain amount of randomness is very effective but needs practice to make acceptable.

November 2018
Jason Smith came to see us from Kent and showed us a number of unusual ways to decorate turnings. He showed us a plate which had a number of colours spreading out from the centre in streaks. This was done by spraying the colour on while the lathe was going slowly and before it dried speeding up the lathe to get the colour to spread out in streaks. He felt that the lathe was a little too fast for the first step but the end result still looked very effective. His final piece was made using a bit of hard cloth and making lots of different coloured dabs.

December 2018
Tony Walton announced that he would make one or two small items and started with a small (5cm) burr dish on a little pedestal which quite impressed us. He then progressed onto two tiny goblets. That really was pushing things a bit far as he used a small skew chisel to do most of the work. He put a captive ring on one goblet and did a free hand twist on the other. He explained that to do this work the slightest slip with the tool could cause a major problem which happened once. Well done Tony for showing us such delicate work at a demonstration.

January 2019

Following the AGM Terry Harragan a club member filled the second half of the evening with a demonstration. Terry has not done many demonstrations and was a bit concerned about his demo, he need not have worried it all went well and he showed that he could keep the club interested in his project which was a small vase. He showed good preparation and skill and produced a nice piece of turning. Well done Terry.

March 2019

Gregory Moreton gave us a really good evening with three projects. The first being a dish made from a square lump of wood with a very rustic appearance. The square was left with a thin strip each side which was later sawn off. This was used to safely attach to a face plate for the turning. He then showed how to get a really nice shiny finish by using a metal brush followed by an abrasive circular brush. It was then sealed and waxed and shined up using another circular brush. He followed that by making a small off centre vase with a natural edge which looked great. He finished showing us how to make a bottle stopper. A really interesting collection of items. Thank you Gregory.

April 2019
Tic Challis gave us a very different evening with a presentation on Pyrography and related decorative techniques. Her evening showed us lots of details and explanations without spending too long on each aspect. She made the point that using a pyrography pen was very different from using a writing pencil and needed the support of both hands to work well. She also showed us how to combine with colour and decoration using the ability of the pyrographed line to stop colour spreading where not wanted. A fantastic evening thank you Tic.

May 2019
Colin Smith our AWGB Regional rep gave us a visit and showed how to make an unusual tall box. This was his adaptation of something that he saw at last years Symposium. He showed us some significant hollowing and also showed us that the right amount of decorative turning including a little ball on top could really enhance an object.  

June 2019

Simon Hope gave us an interesting evening. He started by roughly turning a shallow dish with a groove place in the rim he then mixed up a two part plastic solution with a blue metallic powder. The mixing was done in a way that left interesting swirls. This solution was then carefully poured into the groove and the left to set whilst he started to make a box. He made a very shiny ring from a piece of brass tube and then made this dear little box with the ring set into the top. Once the insert into the dish had set he then finished the turning and ended up with two delightful objects. A very interesting evening.

July 2019
Darren Breeze showed us a number of techniques which he used to make and decorate a box which was a favourite of the Japanese who attached it to their clothing as a place to carry small bits and pieces. His decoration techniques made some parts look metallic. A very unusual demonstration. Well done Darren.


The evening with Mick Hanbury gave us new ideas about how to decorate wooden items. He first turned a dish in a light wood and then proceeded to go through a number of stages of  decoration using mainly his fingers. This started by looking a complete mess but after several stages it turned into a really beautiful piece of art. But just to show what it was made of the inner part and an outer band still showed up as wood. A superb evening thank you Mick.

September 2019

Richard Findley gave us a very interesting demonstration showing us how to make a small box decorated with a cast and turned pewter insert in the lid. He turned a small wooden mould shaped so that the casting could be mounted in a chuck. He then showed how easy it was to melt pewter in a pan over a small portable gas ring and poured it into the mould. The pewter was then turned and polished and mounted in the lid. I think we all may be thinking about having a go. Thank you Richard for a super evening.

November 2019

Brian Partridge gave us another view of the past by showing us how he makes a replica of a Muffineer (sugar shaker) . This was a nice looking piece with some very detailed turning. Although there was not time to complete the final finishing, all the turning was completed and a quick 180 grit sanding was made. It looked quite well compared with a picture of the original.

December 2019

Paul Howard gave us a great evening when he showed us how to make a lidded pot with a square top and decoration using his excellent router jig. Paul gave a very clear description of all the different stages of this project which involved various different  mounting stages. A very good evening

January 2020

Following the AGM John Butcher Teased us by saying that he was going to make a large pen. He the took a large lump of Yew and proceeded to turn it into a shape which we all thought was a toad stool. He then took it from the lathe stood it on end and stuck a pen nib on top. Thank you John for adding a bit of mystery and humour to the evening.